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HbA1c measurement in diabetes diagnosis and management of diabetes in latin: proceedings of the San Pablo Symposium

 doi: 10.24875/ALAD.M18000003

Juan José Gagliardino

This HbA1c Symposium, attended by expert clinicians and scientists from Latin America and Europe, aims to create a regional forum to discuss the current role of HbA1c measurement in diagnosis and management of diabetes in the context of the current burden and state of care for diabetes in four Latin American countries. In view of difficulties arising from a lack of a standardized procedure for HbA1c measurement with the consequent negative impact on a suitable tool to evaluate glycemic control, clinical diabetes experts and representatives of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry decided to work together to search for a long-term pragmatic solution. This shared commitment indicates that this Symposium could be the starting point of a permanent HbA1c forum to find and monitor the implementation of a suitable standardization HbA1c procedure to effectively benefit health systems, health care providers, supporting organizations, and especially people with diabetes in Latin America.

Palabras clave: HbA1c measurement. Diabetes diagnosis and control. HbA1c methods. Diabetes burden in Latin America. HbA1c standardization programme.

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